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Fly Like a Dragon

with the wings of a wren

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Overlooking the Reef
Crawl Inside My Head With Me
And I'll Show You How It Feels To Be

chex. 23. zodiac: capricorn; rabbit. friends-only. washington state. a taken bisexual. a furry. an alchemy nerd. a grammar nazi. a comma over-user. a lazy writer. a lazy illustrator. a hat maker. a role player. a gamer. a semi-conscious seamstress. an annual con-goer. a baker. a stage hand. a 4chan lurker. a pokémon lover. currently in love with original characters. likes the boysex. pretty much crazy. quite evil. slightly offensive. professional slacker. totally research obsessed. undeniably book obsessed. owns too many consciousnesses.

• participated in 2005 nanowrimo • won 2006 nanowrimo • won 2007 nanowrimo • participated in 2008 nanowrimo • participated in 2009 nanowrimo

I Don't Want The World To See Me
'Cause I Don't Think That They'd Understand
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